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What our users are saying

Dan Napoli

"Proposify cut my proposal-time down from a few hours to 30 minutes. It’s like having a part-time employee."

Dan Napoli
Owner of Disconnected Media in Omaha, Nebraska


"You’ve made my entire quarter, let alone day! This is going to save me so much time. Thank you thank you thank you!"

Lara Chelak, New York, NY


"My client marveled at the beauty of her @proposify proposal. My colleagues seethe w/envy. My bookkeeper smiles at the price."

Aliza Stein
Owner of A Freaking Great Company


"Seriously... been playing around with @Proposify for the last 30min, makes my current proposal platform look like roadkill! Awesome!"

Kurt Samson, Founder & Owner of Itopia Interactive

Chelsea Tomboy

"Proposify makes beautiful, simple. And that makes us happy people."

Chelsea Chandler & Anna Russell
Co-Founders of Tomboy Washington, DC.

Drew Lepp

"I’m really digging the app! Proposal creation is my absolutely least favourite part of freelance work but you made it so fun and easy. Bravo!"

Drew Lepp, Washington DC